What a wonderful musical world it is! Wish you all the best songs for 2024…

Music still rules, also for my young son who wants to join me play the guitar. He puts his hand over the strings or just mutes them. Maybe I can get him to write a song! In the meantime, I will try to pull some old Frank Demian photos or videos for you. Here is one, shot by Monique Kooijmans at an outdoor gig in 2019 in my place of residence Diemen.

Still going strong, now with a three month old baby boy by my side! When I sing to him, he starts to smile, so my Frank Demian audience has been established. Due to my fatherhood the concerts will be few, but I am still writing songs. You can have only one guess at their subject…

My new single Crying will be released on July 2nd! It was recorded at the fabulous IJland studio with Remko Schouten and is featuring trumpeter Lourens. The single will be accompanied by my (first ever) music video, which we recorded at the Pastorie in Diemen. The bathroom picture was taken there!

Here you can see me up the beautiful hills of South Limburg. A good place to play guitar. The news is I am going to record a new song at the IJland studio. So pretty soon, you can expect a new Frank Demian single!

Frank Demian is still alive! This recent picture poses as evidence. I haven’t performed live since January because of the the ‘c word’. Since then I have lounged around. In my studio, writing songs, playing the piano, arranging, singing, abusing some queer Indian instrument. Waking up with a melody in my head and trying to sing it into a phone’s mic with my gritty morning voice (I might forget it). At first, staying inside didn’t fit in with the season, but now it does. I hope you thought about me. When you have time, please play me on Spotify! And I know for sure you’re also missing the live music, so see you later!

My new single Curly Locks is out today! This cheerful reggae song puts you out of your midwinter misery! Feel the sun coming in… with Curly Locks by Frank Demian. Find it here on Spotify!

After the Till The Oceans Flood tour, a live performance in England and a wonderful summer I am currently working on new songs. The coming period I will also play some small gigs. And Frank Demian is featured on allmusic !

Today my new single Love is in your touch has been released! The song is about a femme fatale. It starts mysteriously, with a dark voice yearning for love. But the song changes its mood, as if the Sisters Of Mercy meet Tears For Fears. For the adventurous listener! Taken from the album Till the Oceans Flood.

Today is the day! My new album Till the Oceans Flood is released. Find the CD in all Plato|Concerto stores, Platomania web shop, or the US/UK web shop. Or download the files at Bandcamp.
Of course you can find the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other streaming services. Happy streaming!

The first single Heading Down the Highway is out now! Find it on Spotify and all streaming platforms, or download it. It won’t be long till the album is out on September 21. But first, you can see me live at the album release party on September 20 at Dokhuis Amsterdam. On this evening I will bring the guest musicians who contributed to a couple of songs.

The CDs have been pressed! My second album Till the oceans flood is in my hands now. The release will be September 21.

My second album Till The Oceans Flood will be released on September 21!
All recording, mixing, mastering and artwork have been completed and now the CDs are being pressed. The evening before, the album release party and concert will be held at Dokhuis Galerie in Amsterdam.

My second album will be released in September 2018! The album’s called Till the oceans flood. I will take the coming months to finalise and mix the studio recordings.

Work on my second album is in full progress! I have been recording about seven songs at the IJland and Americain studios, with Remko Schouten recording and mixing. Several guest musicians helped me by singing and playing saxophone. On December 14 I will play live in Cinetol, as a nice break to the secluded, concentrated and intensive studio days. See you!

Pretty soon I will go to the IJland/Americain studio to record the first songs of my new album! I can’t quit playing live, though, so catch me around town.

I started working on my second album! I am selecting songs and writing new ones. You can hear some new songs during my concerts  in The Hague and a special performance in Berlin, where artists and audience will both get wireless headphones…then you can really listen.

Winter is introspection time! To write a song is one of the greatest experiences for me. I am doing that in my tiny home studio and quietly thinking about my second album. But not to rush it! To perform live also brings out energies in me. So there will be some new concerts in the coming months, in introspective, beautiful, dimly-lit places. See you there.

It was a wonderful summer, the Beach Boys would have loved it and the same goes for me! Playing outdoor as well as in a living room concept were interesting moments for me. The coming fall I will concentrate on the indoor experience. Writing songs, arranging, learning the piano. Concerts will be quite limited but you can still book me. Catch you later!

After pleasant concerts in Cologne/Germany, the island of Aruba and also in the Netherlands, I am preparing for summer. I will play at the  food festival in Wageningen and the little church in Ruigoord. Sometimes I bring my mandolin or Indian banjo. The piano yet stays at home, because I have only just received my first lessons. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and the outside life!

The last months I performed all through the Netherlands and even did a gig abroad! From the ‘werfkelders’ in Utrecht I went on to play Amstelveen, Den Bosch and Zevenaar, played in the local book shop in Arnhem and surprised the people in Bosnia-Hercegovina! Thanks to all who attended a gig. Besides most of the songs from my album, I am also including new songs in my live set: like the reggae song “Curley locks” and the classic “Wake up empty”. I will continue touring! New concert dates will be announced here soon, or sign up for the newsletter.

Thanks to all who came to the album releaseparty! Now I am planning my tour. I will play shows in September in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Amstelveen and more places to come. On July 16 there will be a live performance on the radio. See the “concerts” section for details!

Breaking news: the album release party will be held on Sunday June 7 2015 at 20:30 hrs! I will play a good hour. At the spot you can lay your hands on a CD and get it signed as well. The location is OT301 de Peper at the address Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam. Before the concert you can have a vegetarian meal here, please reserve by sending an email to Hope to see you there!